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Metacognition allows students to identify goals and strategies for achieving those goals. There is a definition of Metacognition giving by Illinois State University, Department of physics: ‘knowing what one knows and does not know a student’s ability to self-monitor levels of understanding and predict how well he will do on a particular task.’ Metacognition is the strategy thinking the thinking to figure a way to know ourselves much better in particular task. The practice of metacognitive learning lead to greater success in college or university, because this is like a guide book with the specific ways showing what you need to do and a tool to identify your abilities. It makes use self-regulation, identify ourselves, clear …show more content…

Therefore, students know what to do in college or university to act as self-regulation.
Secondary, metacognition is a tool to knowing our better. Metacognition is kind of tool to identify the goals, but it builds on your abilities. We need to figure out like how many courses we can learn in one semester, which faculty we need choose and how do we plan our learning hours. Some students cannot learn math in short period time or some students only can learn 4 courses in one semester. This is the way we identify ourselves to achieving our goals. There are no specific ways fit everyone, so metacognition is necessary in college or university. The research result in the article “Clarifying metacognition, self-regulation, and self-regulated learning: What’s the purpose? Kaplan said ‘many students do not adopt learning as their main purpose of engagement in school.’ And ‘the types of self-regulated achievement are much more prevalent than types of self-regulated learning.’. This means students are weak at self-regulated learning, to be success in college or university we need identify our goals more clearly and detailed. Therefore, practicing metacognition is the way to prove the strategies to measure ourselves and it is necessary.
Third, Metacognition acts like a medical machine which can see inside your body to identify you are sick or healthy. In Henter, R (2012) paper he quotes ‘Metacognition, defined as knowledge about one’s cognitive states, processes and knowledge and

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