Why Employees Is An Elevated Leader / Manager Concern

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Scholars are required to explain why motivating employees is an elevated leader/manager concern in an increasingly outsourced and virtual business world (Motivation and work performance, 2016). In today’ competitive market and commerce environments, effective leaders must have the capabilities to motivate employees in many categories;because, business operations are performed in various setting for example, face to face, online, outsourced or virtual. In order for leaders to inspire job satisfaction, employee commitment and timely output, motivation must be at the forefront of the organization’s agenda. Motivation is a force that initiates, direct, and sustain individual or group behavior in order to satisfy a need or attain a goal (ERIC, 2016).
Motivating employee as it relates to outsourced and virtual business is an essential component and a necessary skill that should be obtained, embraced and put into practice by effective leaders.
Motivating employees is an important leader concern as it involves outsourcing. Employees assume that if an organization is considering outsourcing the results means reduction of staff or company layoff. This is difficult for employees to hear and if not at managed appropriately, employee’s morale could be negatively impacted, and retention issue may materialize. If retention issues occur this might have a significant economic impact within the organization by losing critical needed employees, especially given the knowledge that is

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