Why I Did Not Be A Competent Communicator

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In general I did not consider myself to be a particularly competent communicator, it wasn’t so much that I thought of myself as completely incompetent however if I were going to guess prior to comparing my Communication Competence Scale score with the score my roommate gave me I would’ve ranked myself solidly middle of the pack. In fact, upon reviewing my own scores I found myself to be just a few points above the absolute mean of CCS scores. My own score for my competence level really did not surprise me much, I have long thought of myself as an okay communicator who manages to avoid major social conflicts but never made much of an impression upon those I interacted with. Comparing my score to my roommates I discovered that we had slightly different perceptions of both the effectiveness of my communication skills and the areas of communication where I could most use improvement. First I examined my own competence scale answers to get a feel for the way that I perceived myself and my abilities. According to my own answers I perceived myself to be the strongest in the area of empathy, the statements which I scored myself most highly on were those concerning how I interact with the wellbeing of others and those around me along with my perception of other people. I am not surprised by this result as I have always had a very strong sense of others or, as BLANK puts it, “other oriented” (cite) and though this often pertains to how I think they see me, it also results in a very
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