Independent Learning Essay

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“Why it is important that I understand what independent learning is”

“Independent learning skills are one of the secrets to success” (DAVIS & OWEN, 2009 in FIELD, R., DUFFY, J. & HUGGINS A. p: 1) As the author Meyer inform us there are many definitions for the term of “Independent learning” (MEYER et al, 2008). One of this terms is called “self-directed learning” but is more likely to use the term “self-regulated learning” instead (MEYER et al, 2008 p: 2). According to Michael Grahame Moore “Independent learning is an educational system in which the learner is autonomous and separated from his teacher by space and time” (MOORE, M. G., 1973, P: 663). Although Forster (1972) defines “Independent study is a process, and a philosophy of education in which a student acquires knowledge by his/her own efforts and develops the ability for inquiry and critical evaluation” (FORSTER 1972 in CANDY P. 1971; THEA, 2014 p: 3), later he adds that “This definition clearly places the responsibility for learning in higher education on students” (FORSTER 1972 in CANDY P. 1971; THEA, 2014 p: 3). Maria Montessori simplifies the term of independent learning by providing the following example making reference to the teacher and the student as well: “What is the greatest sign of success for a teacher thus transformed? Is to be able to say “The children are now working as if I did not exist” (MONTESSORI M., 2004, p: 282). In other words, the main goal of the teacher is to guide

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