Why People Choose Iphone : a Consumer Behavior Theory Approach

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Why People Change to iPhone
- An Approach through Consumer Behavior Concepts -

Joseph Jo
Sea-hyung Oh
Seiko Matsuda
In the recent times, there has been an explosive growth in the general interest in smartphones. In the perspective of an iPhone, ever since its’ innovative product launch, not more than a year ago, the number of subscribers in Korea has seen a dramatic increase to a whopping 1,620,000 users. Such market phenomenon has even been brought about of coining a word, “homo mobilicus,” meaning a person, regardless of age, can not live without their smartphones. That was only but a beginning as more of Apple’s iPhone lineage of products came into being, more words started being born. For example, the word,
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KT Economic Management Institute has conducted a survey among 1400 iPhone users, and it showed the customers’ purchase reasons. Teens who bought iPhone owned iPods previously, the ages of 20 to 30 were influenced by their friends and families, and the ages of 30 to 40 have read many recommendations from blogs and other informative web sites regarding iPhone. People who participated in a survey also mentioned that they have, on average, 4.1 people who are willing to buy iPhones around them.

[What makes people want to buy iPhones and how iPhones satisfy customers’ needs?]

People have different needs for different reasons. The term need here does not mean physical need such as food, drink, and shelter. As we learned in class, other motivational approachs focuses on specific needs and their ramifications for behavior. So what kind of needs do people seek when looking for cell phones and what needs can iPhones offer to customers so that they will be attracted to buy iPhones.

The most important aspect of need that iPhones can fulfill is need for uniqueness. “Every customer wants to feel like they are the only customer… The first step in creating an amazing experience is to customize it to each individual customer”(Navel Marketing, 2009). According to apple, there are more than 300,000 applications available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users, which are the biggest application offer in the world

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