Why Telecommuting Is Becoming A Popular Subject

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This paper will begin with the subject of telecommuting and how it is evolving in today’s workplace. The research will help identify why telecommuting is becoming a popular subject and why it is desired for both employees and employers. Also to understand the differences of working in an office environment or telecommuting and what the outcomes may be. If employers and employees fail to have awareness of the challenges that come with telecommuting it can be damaging. Understanding the challenges to help employers identify if telecommuting is beneficial or negative for their employees. This paper has research of productivity, job satisfaction, and functionality of environment regarding the subject of …show more content…

More employees are converting to telecommuting due to a variety of reasons. “The current business paradigm shift recognizes that space and time no longer contractually define the mode and nature of work. Workers do not have to go to where the work is - instead, work is now sent to where the workers are - in homes, satellite offices, and neighborhood work centers,”(Nyaanga, 2012). Author Solomon makes a valid point in his article since many people do not want to do the daily commute five to six days a week. Not only does it waste actual work time, money for transportation, but also the convenience capabilities for employees. The convenience certainly applies to employees who do not live close to the office setting or live in a very populated area with heavy traffic.
Telecommuting Advantages
“For over 30 years, the workplace has undergone a series of transformations such as the integration of technology into business work design, product innovation, development, processes, performance, delivery, productivity, creativity, competitiveness, and worker flexibility,” (Nyaanga, 2012). Having the technology accessible to the Intel of employee’s homes enables more employees to have the capabilities

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