Wire Platoon Training Essay

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- Served as Wire Platoon Training and Education NCO.
- Ensured 100% PME completion of all junior marines in Wire Platoon.
- Served as Wire Platoon Embark NCO.
- Successfully organized and implemented the Embarkation of all Wire Platoon personnel and $3,665,519.70 worth of communication equipment for more than three different annual training exercises throughout various locations in the United States and abroad.
- Supervised and led the SL3 and maintenance checks of the tactical field equipment used in Wire Platoon.
- Flawlessly coordinated and supervised technical, administrative, and training for a 9-member squad.
- Sustained 100% accountability for a squad of 9 marines.
- Served as Sergeant of the Guard for FOB 3 at Company AT.
- Instructed
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