Wolfgang Keller

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To be an effective leader you have to know yourself, your people and your business while leading the team through different conflict-situations that may increase the stress level of each team member and on the organization. It is critical for the leader to understand his own management style and that of his team members and using the analyses in becoming a more effective coach and mentor. This analysis will look into the relationship between Wolfgang Keller and Dmitri Brodsky. Wolfgang is the Managing Director at Konsigsbrau-TAK (A) and Dmitri is a direct report. The two individuals have very different management styles, experiences and cultural backgrounds. The analysis will review their management style differences,
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As indicated by the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), (Thomas & Kilmann, 2007), Wolfgang’s behavior in conflict situation is “competitive”, highly assertive and uncooperative ,as demonstrated by his pursuits in correcting the perceived errors as a result of Dmitri’s unassertive behavior with his sales team and clients. Wolfgang should gain a better understanding of his behavior under conflict-situation and compare it with Dmitri’s behavior during similar situations. Using the TKI method, Wolfgang will better understand the real issue is not a personality defect with Dmitri, but differences in” Identity-related” as noted by Professor Davidson (Davidson, 2001). Dmitri’s behavior during conflict situation, as indicated in the TKI model, is an “avoider”, unassertive and uncooperative, and would rather side-step an issue with an expectation of seeing the issue clears itself up or contending with it in the future. Wolfgang owes it to himself in becoming a leader to Dmitri by coaching and guiding him to a TKI position of “compromising” with the goal of continuous improvement towards a working relationship of “collaboration”. Wolfgang will need to heed to his own temptation of involving himself in the day-to-day business and becoming less intrusive with Dmitri’s responsibilities. Instead, he will need to set a clear vision for the team, and set challenging but achievable business goals that tie with the
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