Workshop on Positioning of Britannia Tiger Biscuits

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Tiger, launched in 1997, became the largest brand in Britannia's portfolio in the very first year of its launch and continues to be so till today. Tiger has grown from strength to strength and the re-invigoration in June 2005 and more recently, in Apr 2008 has further helped bolster its growth in the highly competitive glucose biscuit category.

Tiger is a Glucose biscuit, which comes with the added goodness of wheat and milk. Now Tiger Glucose has been fortified with "Iron Zor" with an attempt towards addressing the Iron Deficiency crisis the children of India face. Over the years, Tiger has become the mass-market face of Britannia symbolising fun and energy in both urban and rural India, and transcending glucose biscuits.
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Others may buy mostly as an impulsive buying
7) Recognition – Providing Tiger biscuits in mid-day meal programs will help in brand registration

Britannia Biscuits
Tiger biscuit comprises of the 20% sales of total Britannia biscuit sales in India. Britannia offers a wide variety of biscuits, ranging from premium-end to mass class:
Glucose Salty Sweet n Salty Exclusive Taste Milk Cookie Cream Multi Grain
Tiger Cream Marie Gold 50-50 Bourbon
Little Hearts Milk Bikis Good Day
Nice Cream Treat Nutri Choice

Segments in the Biscuit Market
The Marketing Team of Britannia has segmented the Biscuit market narrowly on basis of geography, demographics, and behaviour of the consumers. Let us see the various segments in a structured way:

Geographic segmentation:
Britannia Tiger is consumed by people staying in urban, semi urban and rural areas.
Other Britannia biscuits, however, being premium products having a high price are consumed only in urban and semi urban areas.
Demographic segmentation:

• Age- Tiger, Tiger Banana is mainly for youth and children. Others are consumed by everyone.

• Income- Cream Treat, Little Hearts, Nutri Choice being highly priced are consumed only by high income group. Tiger, Good Day, Milk Bikis are consumed by all income groups, but mostly by the lower and middle income groups.
• Social class- Cream Treat, Little Hide are meant

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