You Have to Be a Good Manager to Be an Effective Leader. Critically Examine This Statement.

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Professional Skills You have to be a good manager to be an effective leader. Critically examine this statement. Leadership is the power/ability to influence a group of people toward the achievement of goals set by an organisation. It involves establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with other people and providing the knowledge and method to realize the vision. Dealing with things and people or controlling things and people is all what managers do. Peter Drucker (1909-2005) stated the basic task of management includes both marketing and innovation. Managers are responsible for managing others in a company or business and controlling resources and expenditure. Some people argue that leadership is simply one facet role of the…show more content…
Whereas, managers are appointed in the organisation to a specific position and their job is defined by job description and contract, but different leaders may emerge at different times as the situation demands. It could be argued that effective leaders need to be outward as well as inward-oriented. Spotting an opportunity in the market before everyone else fits the characteristics of a leader. Managers cannot only be concerned with the routine. Therefore, leadership is an essential ingredient of successful management. True leaders are born with this ability not everyone can be an effective leader. A good leader can do the role of an effective manager. But leadership is complex, its not necessarily something that effective managers can learn. As trait theory approach described that people are born with inherited traits. Leaders should have as alert to environment, adaptability to situations, assertive, ambitious and achievement oriented, cooperative and dominant with desire to influence other, identified by Stogdil (1974). In addition, a leader should have certain skills such as being persuasive, diplomatic and tactful, conceptually and socially skilled. On the other hand, rational goal model believe that management is a rational and scientific process of moving an organisation and its employees towards some settled goal. Frederick Winslow Taylor (1947) was the chief exponent of it, whose work changed the way of organisations in the earlier part
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