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1. a. the Advantages and disadvantages for the Carmex Marketing Team in collecting data to narrow the flavor choices from three to two using an online survey of a cross- section of internet Households are : Advantages Disadvantages 1. This is a way of marketing research tool. 2. May Gain a new Likes to the Brand. 3. Increase Carmex brand name known ability. 4. Survey over the internet will be less cost. 5. Encourage the new customers to give it a try as internet households interested in online coupons and products ads and etc,. 1. Has a very broad Segment to target that may end up but not giving the answers they needs. 2. Household may not like to complete a survey that involves writing their names and giving out their personal…show more content…
The Advantages of using a fixed – alternative poll question on facebook are : o This is quick. o Anonymous o And will lead to more people to vote b. The open- ended questions is better to be used when a company has a new product to launch and need their consumer opinion as this type of question is used to distinguish purposes and require the marketer “evaluator” to interpret and analyze date in different ways. Answer to Question # 5: a. If I had a limited budget and two weeks to decide which two flavors to put into Quantitative testing, I would have chosen the “poll Only “ for 3 reasons: 1. Poll strategy is faster than others 2. Less cost than the contest strategy. 3. Increase the Engagement between the consumers and the brand b. If I had a sizable budget and two months to make the same decision I would have chosen the combined strategy “use the poll and contest “as a marketer what i need is to increase engagement to my brand and to increase the Likers as well. So by using this strategy I will reach both by posts the poll question on the Facebook page wall I will drive the engagement and by creating a contest for a limited edition flavor will promote new

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