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Chestnut ridge country club has a distinguished reputation as an outstanding country club in the Elma Tennessee area in too many different aspects. The club is facing a decline in the number of membership applicants relative to the competing clubs in the same area. A survey that done by the researchers on the members of the clubs of the same area shows some weakness in the chestnut ridge country club which may cause the declination such as the management, food prices, the quality of tennis courts, as I will explain later. Trying to keep or increase the number of applicants some marketing and managerial steps need to be taken, like commercial steps, change in the membership policies, run some promotions, etc. Chestnut ridge country club…show more content…
Some of the clubs are rated better than the chestnut ridge in some areas like golf course maintenance, condition of tennis courts. None of the competitors has a known marketing plan and the number of subscribers is the major resource for any of the clubs. The age of the members are not know and not investigated by the researchers but as I expect most of the members are golf players and males and in the high twenties and up and attends the golf courses. But some of the members will be different ages and gender since there is different facilities in the club. Chestnut ridge country clubs has a good reputation due to the board of directors that are watching the club and taking the complains , they did good job dealing with some complains about the food facilities, since they did a survey to check the members feeling and hired a new manager. As the problem rise by the decreasing in the number of applicants, the questions rise is the manager is doing a successful job and does he have a marketing plan to keep the club going forward. The managerial skills compared to other competing clubs wasn't in a good rank, they were in

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