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Activity 5.4 Calculating Properties of Solids

Have you ever stopped to think why it is that you are able to float in water? The reason has to do with the concept of buoyancy. The volume of water that your body displaces has weight. The weight of the displaced water pushes upward on you, while the weight of your body pushes down. If the weight of the displaced water pushing upward is greater than your weight, then you will rise out of the water to a point where equilibrium has been achieved. This means that the weight of your body that is submerged in the water, let’s say from your shoulders down, is equal to the weight of the volume of water that your body is displacing. Another way to explain this is to look at
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a. What is the volume of the wood board? Precision = 0.00

b. What is the surface area of the wood board? Precision = 0.00

c. What is the weight of the wood board? Precision = 0.00

d. If one gallon of paint will cover 57,600 square inches, how many gallons would be needed to give two coats of paint to 25,000 boards? Round your answer to the nearest gallon.

e. What will the total cost be to ship the 25,000 boards to a facility for assembling into the finish kit form if the shipping rate is $4.25 per pound?

f. If a 2 x 6 (which means the actual dimensions of the board are 1.5 in. x 5.5 in.) milled from the same wood (and therefore has the same density) weighs 3.2 lb, how long is the board?

3. Calculate the properties of your puzzle cube pieces.
a. Fill in the following table with the appropriate information. Be sure to use SI units. You may need to re-measure your puzzle pieces using a metric ruler.
Piece identity
Number of cubes
Mass (g)
Surface area (cm2)
Volume (cm3)

b. Add Density as the header in the final column of the table. Be sure to indicate appropriate units. Calculate the density for each piece and record the value in the table.
c. Create a scatterplot in Excel displaying mass and volume as the variables.
Which variable (mass or volume)
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