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Sales and Marketing
Sales and marketing is a love hate relationship within a company. They both are vital to the selling process, but their jobs, while having the same objectives, are extremely different and often causes tension within a company. Marketing is based on research and development for a product in order to focus where it is to be placed in the market, how it is priced and promoted, while it is Sales duty to take the findings from the research and use them to land clients and customers who will by the product, and then work with them to make the product client focused and retain a relationship. The problem arises when Sales doesn’t agree with the Marketer’s findings and Marketers are irritated about Sales lack of execution on a …show more content…

Marketing spends money on the four Ps and the most important conflict is the pricing of products. “The marketing group is under pressure to achieve revenue goals and wants the sales force to “sell the price” as opposed to “selling through price.” The salespeople usually favor lower prices because they can sell the product more easily and because low prices give them more room to negotiate” [3]. A major conflict in the cultural aspect between the two groups is that the Sales objective to do their best to please their individual clients, while the Marketing objective is to please the broader spectrum of a market. When there are issue with a product Sales will often say that it is because the product lacks a feature that their customers want, while marketing believes that generally a feature is not needed to satisfy the masses. This conflict of personalization with Sales and generalization with Marketing is a major factor of the tension created by both parties. Their goals are different making the value of one department difficult to pin point over the other. Sales have an easier progress rate to read because they are based on individual sales, while marketers are project and group

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