“the Great Post-It Massacre” Essay

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“The Great Post-It Massacre” discusses how different leadership styles can cause serious problems within the workplace amongst management and subordinates. Adventures Plus is a rapidly-growing discount travel agency with fifty offices throughout the United States and Canada. Beverly Sadowsky was the first vice president of Adventures Plus. While Sandusky held this position, Bob Scanlan was promoted to small business account and assigned to the office in Dallas. Although Bob did not find his job exciting, he was happy with it because it was more relaxed than his previous position and he felt appreciated.
Bob was a very hard worker and he took his job responsibilities seriously. Beverly Sadowoskytook notice of his work ethic and believed
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This freedom included signing Beverly’s name on routine forms. Beverly was happy to have someone that that she could rely on and Bob had built a rapport in which he knew that he could call on Beverly anytime he had a question or concern. Not only did Beverly trust Bob, but administrators and staff of other bigger departments knew that they could turn to Bob to get quick and efficient service on their requests along with any answers to questions that they may have too. Bob used a near replica of Beverly’s leadership style. Because of that, he always had five times more applicants than he could use. As Beverly did with him, Bob would work with his new employees. Once he felt that the employee understood their jobs, Bob would leave them alone. He encouraged his employees and other departments recognized his hard work. His department was efficient and had high morale. Unfortunately, this all came to an end when Beverly Sadowsky was promoted to COO and George Fishman replaced her as first vice president because he had seniority.
George Fishman’s leadership style was very different from that of Sadowsky. George was a self-proclaimed perfectionist and detail oriented person. Everything had to come through him. The things that Bob was used to doing when Beverly was his boss could no longer be done when Fishman took the position. George would micro-manage all his employees. George felt
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