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The W 10X15 cantilevered beam is made of A-36 steel and is subjected to the loading shown. Determine the slope and displacement at B.

6 ft

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6ft 6 ft


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Step 1

To find deflection:

Remove all external loads and apply a unit vertical load at the point B. Consider a section at a distance x-x from point B to find the moment m.

To find slope:

Remove all external loads and apply a unit couple moment at the point B. Consider a section at a distance x-x from point B to find the moment m.

The moment M is calculated for the given loading.

Step 2

Sketch the ream beam, virtual beam with unit load and couple moment as shown in Figure.

Step 3

Find the deflection at end B as shown below:

Find the moment M due to real load as follows:

Refer Figure.

For real beam, conside...


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