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88)A researcher obtains a Pearson correlation of r = 0.43 for a sample of n = 20 participants. For a two-tailed test, which of the following accurately describes the significance of the correlation?​
a.)The correlation is not significant with either α = .05 or α = .01.
b.)​The correlation is significant with either α = .05 or α = .01.
c.)The correlation is equal to zero.
​The correlation is significant with α = .05 but not with α = .01.

Expert Answer

Step 1

Given Data

Pearson correlation coefficient (r) = 0.43

Sample size (n) =20

Formulation of Hypothesis

H0 : ρ = 0

H1 : ρ ≠ 0

To test the significance, test statistic is given by


Image Transcriptionclose

n – 2 20 – 2 0.43 X 2.021 t = r 1 - r2 1– 0.432

Step 2

Finding the p-value

p-value = 0.05841( From Excel =T.DIST.2T(2.021,18))

p-value > 0.05 and p-value > 0.01

So, the correlatio...

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