Calculate the solubility at 25°C of NiOH2 in pure water and in a 0.0020MNaOH solution. You'll find Ksp data in the ALEKS Data tab.ksp information is=Ni(OH)25.48×10−16Round both of your answers to 2 significant digits.solubility in pure water:gLsolubility in 0.0020 M NaOH solution:gL

Asked Oct 29, 2019

Calculate the solubility at 25°C of NiOH2 in pure water and in a 0.0020M

NaOH solution. You'll find Ksp data in the ALEKS Data tab.
ksp information is=
Ni(OH)2 5.48×10−16

Round both of your answers to 2

 significant digits.

solubility in pure water:
solubility in 0.0020 M NaOH solution:

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Step 1

The term molar solubility refers to the number of moles of a given chemical species that can be dissolved per liter of the given solution before the solution would become saturated. Its units are mol/L.

Step 2

The solubility product constant is denoted by the symbol ‘Ksp’ an can be defined as the equilibrium constant for a given solid substance that had been dissolved in the given aqueous solution.

Step 3

The 0.0020 M solution will furnish 0.0020 M Na+ and 0.0020 M OH- ions.

The concentration of hy...


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Ni (aq) 2ОН (aq) Ni(OH) (0.0020+2s)


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