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Construct an 86% confidence interval around the sample mean of the decrease in the diastolic pressure reading of those who took the placebo. Show your n, PE, t, SE, ME and interval. Discuss the interpretation of the Confidence Interval.

8.09 sample mean  
sample standard deviation
1000 n, sample size  
0.86 level of confidence  

Expert Answer

Step 1

The degrees of freedom is obtained as follows:


Image Transcriptionclose

df = n-1 = 1, 000 – 1 = 999

Step 2

The value of  is obtained by using Excel.


Image Transcriptionclose

fx =T.INV.2T(0.14,999) A1 1 1.476966|

Step 3

From the output, the value of  is 1.478 for 86% confidence.


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Sample statistic ± ME = x ±t*. 26.82 = 8.09 ±1.478× V1,000 = 8.09 ±1.478×0.8481 = 8.09 ±1.2535 =(6.8385,9.3435)


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