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For a weak acid HA in aqueous solution, the dissociation reaction is expressed as:HA (aq) + H2O (l) <-> H3O+ (aq) + A- (aq)and the dissociation constant, Ka is expressed as: Ka = [HA] / ([H3O+] [A-])True                                                                 False


For a weak acid HA in aqueous solution, the dissociation reaction is expressed as:

HA (aq) + H2O (l) <-> H3O+ (aq) + A- (aq)

and the dissociation constant, Ka is expressed as: Ka = [HA] / ([H3O+] [A-])

True                                                                 False

Step 1

The acid ionization of a weak acid, HA is given as

The weak acid, HA differs from a strong acid in that a weak acid is partially ionized, i.e, part of the acid is in molecular (unionized) form while another part is ionized into ions.

The above reaction is really an equilibrium reaction and hence, an equilibrium constant can be written for the above reaction.

Step 2

The equilibrium constant for the acid ionization reaction is simply the ratio of the concentrations of the products and the reactants. The concentration must be expressed in molarity (denoted by [..] ). In case of multiple products or reactants, the ratio is the product of the concentrations of the products to the product of the concentrations of the reactants. Therefore,

Step 3

It must be noted that [H2O] is much higher than the concentrations of the other reactants or products, since H2O is the solvent and is present in large excess. Hence, [H2O] is vi...


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