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Could you explain in detail as to how we get the correct answer? And could you explain how I am supposed to know my answer is correct afterward? (Can I use my scientific calculator or is there a formula I should know to check my answer?)


How many moles of Al are produced when 0.5 mol of O2
react, given the following balanced equation?
4 Al + 3 02 –
→ 2 Al2O3

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How many moles of Al are produced when 0.5 mol of O2 react, given the following balanced equation? 4 Al + 3 02 – → 2 Al2O3


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Step 1

The reaction in which the number of the atoms involved in reactants is equal to number of atoms in product is a balanced chemical reaction.

The reaction has to be balanced before the calculation.

The balanced reaction is given below.

Chemistry homework question answer, step 1, image 1


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