Many compounds of the transition-metal elements contain
direct bonds between metal atoms. We will assume
that the z-axis is defined as the metal–metal bond axis.
(a) Which of the 3d orbitals (Figure 6.23) is most likely to
make a σ bond between metal atoms? (b) Sketch the s3d
bonding and σ*3d antibonding MOs. (c) With reference to
the “Closer Look” box on the phases of orbitals, explain why
a node is generated in the σ*3d MO. (d) Sketch the energylevel
diagram for the Sc2 molecule, assuming that only the
3d orbital from part (a) is important. (e) What is the bond
order in Sc2?

У х*
у х

Image Transcription

У х* у х У х х Pz Px Py (b) (a)

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