use the data below to calculate ΔG at 245 K for each of the following reactions.Then use the data in the chart to determine whether each reaction is spontaneous at 245 K.  CompoundΔG°f (kJ/mol)ΔH°f (kJ/mol)ΔS°f (J/mol·K) H2S(g) -33.01 -20.17 205.6 O2(g) 0 0 205.0 H2O(g) -228.6 -241.8 188.7 SO2(g) -300.1 -296.8 248.2 SO3(g) -371.1 -395.7 256.8 H2SO4(l) -690.0 -814.0 156.9 S(g) 236.7 277.2 167.8 H2O(l) -237.2 -285.8 70.0 2SO2​(g)+O2​(g) --> 2SO3​(g)ΔG245  =  ___ kJ

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use the data below to calculate ΔG at 245 K for each of the following reactions.
Then use the data in the chart to determine whether each reaction is spontaneous at 245 K. 

Compound ΔG°f (kJ/mol) ΔH°(kJ/mol) ΔS°f (J/mol·K)
 H2S(g)  -33.01  -20.17  205.6
 O2(g)  0  0  205.0
 H2O(g)  -228.6  -241.8  188.7
 SO2(g)  -300.1  -296.8  248.2
 SO3(g)  -371.1  -395.7  256.8
 H2SO4(l)  -690.0  -814.0  156.9
 S(g)  236.7  277.2  167.8
 H2O(l)  -237.2  -285.8  70.0


2SO2​(g)+O2​(g) --> 2SO3​(g)

ΔG245  =  ___ kJ   

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Step 1

The standard thermodynamic data for the given reactants and products at given temperature is,

Chemistry homework question answer, step 1, image 1
Step 2

The standard enthalpy change for the reaction is,

Chemistry homework question answer, step 2, image 1
Step 3

The standard entropy change ...

Chemistry homework question answer, step 3, image 1

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