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What are the applications for Pasteurization, Autoclaving, UV irradiation, and Gamma irradiation?


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It is required to mention the application of Pasteurization, Autoclaving, UV irradiation, and Gamma irradiation.

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Pasteurization process involves initially heating and then rapidly cooling liquids and food materials to kill the microorganisms which spoil the food or cause diseases.

Autoclaving is the most commonly used method uses steam under high pressure to heat the material being sterilized. The micro-organisms are killed through hydrolysis or coagulation of the cellular proteins due to presence of intense heat with water.

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The UV rays cause the formation of thymine dimmers between the adjacent thymines present in a single DNA strand. DNA Polymerase does not incorporates the correct complementary nucleotides leads to mutations and kill the microorganisms ultimately.

Gamma rays are muc...

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