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What are the mechanism of action of hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, lab disinfectant and copper sulfate?

Name a standard test for the effectiveness of a disinfectant. Name the chemical agent that is used as a standard. What are the standard test organisms?


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The main purpose of controlling microbial growth is to inhibit the spreading of diseases. There are various methods available to control the microbial growth namely heat, chemicals, high pressure, irradiation, dry heat, gas vapor sterilants, ultraviolet radiation, and chlorine dioxide gas.

Step 2

The mechanism of action of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, lab disinfectant, and copper sulfate is given below:

Step 3

A standard test for the effectiveness of a disinfectant is the use-dilution test. In this test, a cylinder of stainless steel s dipped in culture and allow to dry. Later, the cylinder is dipped in solutions of various disinfectants at different concentrations for a particul...

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