What is the hybridization of the two oxygen atoms in the amino acid glycine, shown above?  Lone pairs are not shown but may need to be added.            CH2              OH         /            \     /H2N                 C                         ||                        O

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What is the hybridization of the two oxygen atoms in the amino acid glycine, shown above?  Lone pairs are not shown but may need to be added.

            CH2              OH

         /            \     /

H2N                 C




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Step 1

The Lewis structure of Glycine:


Image Transcriptionclose

н :0: н-N—ҫ—С—ӧ—н нн

Step 2

Identifying the hybridisation:

The hybridisation of an atom can be identified by observing the number of sigma bonds and Lone pair of electrons around it.

1 sigma bond = 1 hybrid orbital and

1 lone pair = 1 hybrid orbital

To identify the hybridisation, first find the total number of hybrid orbitals around the atom and there by find hybridisation.

If the atom has 2 hybrid orbitals, it is sp hybridisation

                            3 hybrid orbitals, it is sp2 hybridisation

                            4 hybrid orbitals, it is sp3 hybridisation

Step 3

In Glycine,

There are two oxygen atoms. Consider the O- attached to C atom by double bond,

It has 1 sigma bond and 2 lone pair of electrons.

Which means the total hybrid orbitals around it are 3.

3 hybrid orbitals refer to sp2 hybridisation.( sp2  hybridisation forms 3- h...

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