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What mass of O2 in grams, is required for complete combustion of 20.3 g of ethane?


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Step 1


Grams of ethane, C2H6 = 20.3 g

Moles of ethane can be calculated as:


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Molar mass of C2H6= (2x12) + (6x1) = 30 g/mol 20.3 g Mass Moles = 0.677 mol Molar mass 30 g/mol

Step 2

The balanced reaction for the combustion of ethane can be written as:

2 C2H6 (g) + 7 O2 (g) → 4 CO2 (g) + 6 H2O (l)

From the reaction it is evident that:


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2 mol C2H6 requires 7 mol O2 7 mol O2 :0.677 mol C2H6 requires x 0.677 mol C2H6 2 mol C2H6 =2.37 mol O2

Step 3

Therefore, mass of O2 can be ...


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Mass Moles x Molar mass Mass 2.37 mol x 32 g/mol Mass 75.84 g


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