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Write a balanced equation for the combustion of C9H20(l) (nonane)
-- i.e. its reaction with O2(g) forming the products CO2(g) and H2O(l).

Given the following standard heats of formation:

  • ΔHf° of CO2(g) is -393.5 kJ/mol
  • ΔHf° of H2O(l) is -286 kJ/mol
  • ΔHf° of C9H20(l) is -229.0 kJ/mol

-6172.5 kJ

Calculate the difference, ΔHE(PV) for the combustion reaction of 1 mole of nonane.
(Assume standard state conditions and 298 K for all reactants and products.)


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Step 1

A balanced chemical equation for a given reaction is defined as the chemical equation consisting of equal number of atoms of all the elements on both the sides of the equation.

Step 2

Combustion reactions are those chemical reactions in which hydrocarbons react with the oxygen which is present in the air so as to form water and carbon dioxide gas as products.

Step 3

The standard enthalpy for a given reaction is called as the change in the enthalpy for a given substance when the matter that is present in the reactio...

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