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Write a method called flipMap() that takes in a map from string keys to string values, and returns a "reverse" or "inverse" version of the same map contents, mapping values from the first map to keys from the first map. For example, if the map provided has key "hello" mapped to value "world", then the map returned by your method should contain key "world" mapping to value "hello". You can modify the provided map, or create a new map.


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Step 1

Program approach-

  • Import the essential java packages
  • Define the main function.
  • Declare the variables and their data types accordingly.
  • Assign values to all the four variables w, x,y and z.
  • Use for each loop to iterate over the string values.
  • Define the changeMap method
  • Use inverse method to inverse the given values.

Maps are suitable for mapping key-value connections such as dictionaries. The maps are used for key-based lookups or when someone needs to retrieve and update key-based items.To implement maps in java there are two interfaces: Map and SortedMap, and three classes: TreeMap, LinkedHashMap and HashMap.


Step 2

Code(in java)-

//importing the java packages

import java.util.*;

//declaring the main class

public class Main


//defining the main method

public static void main (String[]args)


//implementing map by using HashMap method

Map < String, String > aa = new HashMap < String, String > ();

//initializing values to all the variables

aa.put ("w", new String ("200"));

aa.put ("x", new String ("400"));

aa.put ("y", new String ("600"));

aa.put ("z", new String ("800"));

System.out.println("Before Mapping");

//using for each loop to iterate over the keys and values

for (Map.Entry < String, String > ent:aa.entrySet ())


    //Displaying the keys and values before mapping


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