Fundamentals of Building Construction
Fundamentals of Building Construction
6th Edition
ISBN: 9781118138915
Author: Edward Allen
Publisher: WILEY

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Write the definition of sustainable building and its importance.

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Sustainable buildings:

Sustainable buildings are built to fulfill the needs of the present generation by utilizing the available natural resources without affecting the ability of the future generation’s needs. The energy conserved by a building over the entire life cycle is the most important goal of a sustainable building design. A sustainable building construction truly begins with a proper design. The engineers involved in this construction must be educated with science and techniques of sustainable architecture.

The advantages of the sustainable buildings are as follows:

  • It ensures that the decisions and actions that one takes today will not affect the opportunities of the future generations.
  • It is an effort to decrease the undesirable environmental impact of the buildings by utilizing specific materials, energy, and development space through strict moderation and efficiency.
  • It utilizes minimum use of resource over its lifetime, which is consistent with the needs of the occupants.
  • Less intake of resources and energy.
  • The rate of pollution level is great in conventional construction, but there is less pollution in sustainable building construction.
  • It provides safety against soil, water, and land pollution.

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