Fundamentals of Information Systems

8th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305082168
Chapter 1, Problem 8DQ
Textbook Problem

If you could have an expert system assist you with decision making in some facet of your life, what would it be? Do you think it would be possible to develop such a system? Defend your answer.

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Chapter 1 Solutions

Fundamentals of Information Systems
Ch. 1 - List the five Problems that CIBS had with its...Ch. 1 - Consider the challenges of an c-commerce Web sit...Ch. 1 - Do you think that Facebook or careless, uninformed...Ch. 1 - What additional measures should Facebook take to...Ch. 1 - Describe a privacy issue so serious that it would...Ch. 1 - Develop a privacy policy for a student musical...Ch. 1 - Quality information can vary widely in the value...Ch. 1 - The ________________ of information is directly...Ch. 1 - Two types of software are ____________ a....Ch. 1 - Global laptop shipments are forecast to exceed...Ch. 1 - ____________ is an organized collection of people,...Ch. 1 - A(n) ____________ is a network based on Web...Ch. 1 - During the step of the systems development...Ch. 1 - Information systems bring not only many benefits...Ch. 1 - Sustaining innovation results in enhancements to...Ch. 1 - _____________ is an organizational change model...Ch. 1 - is not one of Porter’s five forces that lead firms...Ch. 1 - The payback method of financial analysis does not...Ch. 1 - The information system worker functions at the...Ch. 1 - The information system worker functions at the...Ch. 1 - Identify six attributes of quality information.Ch. 1 - How is data different from information? How is...Ch. 1 - What is knowledge management? How might it be...Ch. 1 - Identify the five basic components of any computer...Ch. 1 - Distinguish between a decision Support system and...Ch. 1 - What is the difference between an intranet and an...Ch. 1 - What is m-commerce? Give two examples of the use...Ch. 1 - Identify the steps in the systems development...Ch. 1 - Identify and briefly discuss several global...Ch. 1 - What is the difference between a value chain and a...Ch. 1 - What is technology diffusion?Ch. 1 - What are some general strategies employed by...Ch. 1 - List and describe three popular job-finding Web...Ch. 1 - Describe the role of a CIO within an organization.Ch. 1 - Why is the study of information systems import ant...Ch. 1 - Describe how you might use information systems in...Ch. 1 - What are the two basic types of software? Give...Ch. 1 - Discuss a value chain of which you are a part....Ch. 1 - Discuss a virtual team of which you are a member....Ch. 1 - What things might managers in an organization do...Ch. 1 - Use your imagination and creativity to describe...Ch. 1 - If you could have an expert system assist you with...Ch. 1 - Identify several aspects of the culture shared by...Ch. 1 - Your manager has asked for your input on ideas for...Ch. 1 - You have been asked to assess the success of a...Ch. 1 - Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using...Ch. 1 - Assume you are a member of a committee responsible...Ch. 1 - Assume you are the chairperson of a committee...Ch. 1 - Prepare a data disk (such as a USB drive) and a...Ch. 1 - Using a database or spreadsheet program, develop a...Ch. 1 - Create a table that lists 10 or more possible...Ch. 1 - Throughout this book, you will see how the...Ch. 1 - Do research on the Web to find at least three...Ch. 1 - Use Internet to search for information about a...Ch. 1 - In the Career Exercises found at the end of every...Ch. 1 - Do research on an entrepreneur that you admire....Ch. 1 - Go to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of...Ch. 1 - Spagnoletti received his undergraduate degree in...Ch. 1 - how is Campbell’s making use of crowdsourcing? Do...Ch. 1 - Campbell’s is a large company, how can cloud tools...Ch. 1 - Spagnoletti has shifted resources from hack-office...Ch. 1 - Of the five competitive forces discussed in this...Ch. 1 - Has TUI’s new information system making pricing...Ch. 1 - What online travel sites have you used? Do you...Ch. 1 - Consider a bookstore that gives customers a card...

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