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Chapter 1.1, Problem 1CC


Campbell Biology (11th Edition)

11th Edition
Lisa A. Urry + 4 others
ISBN: 9780134093413



Campbell Biology (11th Edition)

11th Edition
Lisa A. Urry + 4 others
ISBN: 9780134093413
Summary Introduction

To write: Sentences mentioning the various levels of biological hierarchy beginning from the molecular level.

Introduction: Biological organization is based on the structural and functional hierarchy of living organisms. Levels of hierarchy range from complex systems to simple components, through a reductionist approach. Hierarchy of life ranges from biosphere to molecules. It consists of “biosphere, ecosystems, communities, populations, organisms, organs, tissues, cells, organelles, and molecules”.


Sentences mentioning the various levels of the biological organization beginning from the molecular level to biosphere:

Two or more atoms combine together by chemical bonds to form a molecule. Various types of biological molecules are assembled to form a cell organelle, each having a specific function. Different types of cell organelles together form a cell, the basic unit of life. In a multicellular organism, a group of cells form a tissue. One or more type of tissues, each having a specific function, combine and form an organ. Several organs each with different functions together form an individual organism. A group of individuals belonging to the same species and living in a specific area are together called as a population. In a given area or an ecosystem, the populations of different flora and fauna species interact together and form a community. All the communities of living organisms (the biotic factors) and the abiotic factors such as soil, air, water, and climate conditions present in a specific area to form an ecosystem. All the various ecosystems present on the Earth collectively form a biosphere.

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