Inquiry into Physics

8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337515863
Textbook Problem

(Indicates a review question, which means it requires only a basic understanding of the material to answer. Questions without this designation typically require integrating or extending the concepts presented thus far.)

. If a horseshoe is heated in a blacksmith’s furnace until it glows red hot, does the mass of the horseshoe change? If a spring is stretched to twice its equilibrium length, has its mass been altered in the process? If so, explain how and why in each case.

To determine

Whether the mass of horse shoe will change or not if it is heated in a blacksmith’s furnace. Also, state whether the mass of spring will be altered or not if it is stretched to twice its equilibrium length.



Mass of a body is constant and does not undergo any change.

When a horseshoe is heated into a furnace to red hot, it may receive enough energy to change its phase from solid to a more malleable form or a liquid. But the net mass of the horseshoe shall remain same...

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