Inquiry into Physics

8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337515863
Textbook Problem

The development of the Standard Model of elementary particles is one of the most significant achievements in physics in the 20th century. While refinements of this description of the subatomic world continue to be made, an understanding of the basic components and structure of this model serves as a foundation for appreciating the new discoveries in particle physics that frequently occur.
One way to organize the elements of the standard model is in a display like that shown in Figure 12.23. Another way is to use a concept map. Examine Figure 12.23 closely and, if necessary reread the material leading tip to it. Then, using the principles of concept mapping that we have employed so often in past chapters, try to construct a map that captures the essential features and relationships embodied in the standard model of particle physics. When you have completed your map, exchange it for one that a classmate has prepared. Critically examine your friend’s map. Does it include the most important concepts contained in the Standard Model? Does it properly exhibit/explain the relationships between the various elements of this model in a manner consistent with Figure 12.23 and the material introduced in the chapter? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your colleague’s map? Discuss these issues with the person with whom you exchanged maps and together try to come to create a better CM display and, in the process, a stronger understanding of the Standard Model.

To determine

How to prepare concept map for Standard Model of elementary particles?



Elementary particles can be organized as Standard Model, which can also be organized using concept map.

The following figure shows a concept map for the same.

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