Oceanography: An Invitation To Mar...

9th Edition
Garrison + 1 other
Publisher: Brooks Cole
ISBN: 9781305254282



Oceanography: An Invitation To Mar...

9th Edition
Garrison + 1 other
Publisher: Brooks Cole
ISBN: 9781305254282
Chapter 13.3, Problem 1CC
Textbook Problem

Can you think of any way to prevent a cataclysmic asteroid or comet impact once the object’s path has been shown to be on a certain collision course?

To determine

A way to prevent a cataclysmic comet or an asteroid impact once the object’s path is known to be on a certain collision course.

Explanation of Solution

NASA and other space agencies are hunting for asteroids and comets with Earth-crossing orbits actively.  If they identify a threatening target, the collision needs to be prevented, which depends on the time and distance before impact.

If there is sufficient time available, a small ion-powered probe might be sent to push the object into a path that will miss the Earth...

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