Management, Loose-Leaf Version

13th Edition
Richard L. Daft
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
ISBN: 9781305969308

Management, Loose-Leaf Version

13th Edition
Richard L. Daft
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
ISBN: 9781305969308


Chapter 18, Problem 2OTJVC
Textbook Problem

These Tough Mudder employees appear to be members of a highly cohesive team. What are some of the qualities described in the video that indicate strong cohesiveness? Include at least two specific examples in answer.

Expert Solution
Summary Introduction

To determine:

The qualities of the cohesive teamwork found in the given video and two specific examples of it is been discussed.


Cohesive team is defines as degree of which the individuals are attracted toward the team and receive motivation from the top management to stay at work without any dissatisfaction. When a team is highly cohesive the team members have a long term commitment and join in both the success and sacrifices willingly.

Explanation of Solution

Given information:

The team members of Tough Mudder have a strong cohesive team and the qualities in the video indicating the strong cohesiveness with two given examples for the above said.

The Tough Mudder employees are part of cohesive team and the qualities indicating a strong cohesiveness in the video is as follows,

Cohesive team determinants: The team structure in a team defines the cohesiveness.

  • Team interactions should have contacts whenever possible and it should happen often so that they get to know more about the team members and the individualities. This ensure the commitment from the team members.
  • The goals have to be shared among the team lead and the team members so that they work on the single goal with all efforts.
  • The manager should have a personal attraction with his team so that the team members enjoy being in that team.
  • Competition inside the team forces them to put their best efforts and win the goal effectively by having a moderate competition.
  • Team success is shared with each and every members of the team giving equal credits to all that makes them even more committed...

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Management, Loose-Leaf Version
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