Leadership: Theory and Practice

8th Edition
Peter G. Northouse
ISBN: 9781506362311



Leadership: Theory and Practice

8th Edition
Peter G. Northouse
ISBN: 9781506362311
Summary Introduction

Case summary:

There are three suitable candidates for the position of director and Sandra has to choose the best from the three.

Characters in the case:

Sandra Coke

Alexa Smith

Kelsey Mets

Thomas Santiago

Adequate Information:

The three candidates are excelled in different fields making it hard to choose the best for the director position.

To determine:

About the trait approach


Given Information:

How long each candidate was involved in the company and their qualifications.

There are many character traits that can be associated with successful individuals. Determination, Motivation, Creativity, Persistence is the most important qualities of a successful leader. In my opinion Alexa Smith is the best option to fill this extremely vital role. The reason I chose is her is because of her impressive display of determination. Very few individuals can start from the bottom and make it to the top the way Alexa Smith did. This also shows how persistent Alexa is. The fact that Alexa Smith has worked for the company for almost ten years also makes her very appealing for this position. Finally the most impressive achievement of Alexa Smith’s resume is the fact that she has already brought 4 separate products successfully to market. This shows that Alexa has already developed the skills required to successfully lead and effectively manage large projects. The reason I did not choose Kelsey Metts is the fact that there is no mention of the traits perseverance, determination or motivation anywhere in her resume. Although highly educated, I believe she lacks the perseverance and dedication of Alexa Smith.

Thomas Santiago although a very trustworthy employee lacks the sheer willpower demonstrated by Alexa Smith. Honesty and Integrity are both very important virtues, but when regarding a director post, qualities such as determination and perseverance are more important.


The trait approach can be very useful when deciding between employees. Traits can be a direct reflection of character and habits. It is the difference in those two factors that differentiate a successful person from an ordinary person. The trait approach is also useful in helping identify the individuals with good work ethics and human resource skills. Although there are many benefits to choosing employees based on the trait approach, there are some downsides too. One disadvantage of the trait system is that it puts less emphasis on educational achievements. Another non-beneficial feature of the trait approach is that experience and knowledge are not as important as character traits.

In conclusion, the trait approach has pros and cons but id generally effective in helping select a viable employee.

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