19th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516549




19th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516549
Textbook Problem

Using the same number and size of conductors as in problem 28, but using electrical metallic tubing, calculate the minimum cubic-inch volume required for the box. There will be no separate equipment grounding conductors, nor will there be any clamps in the box.

To determine

Find the required minimum volume of the box in cubic-inch.


Given data:

The given reference of problem number 28 is irrelevant. The actual reference is problem number 38.

Consider the four 12 AWG conductors, four 14 AWG conductors, two receptacles, and two switches are located in the box.


Consider that 12 AWG and 14 AWG conductors require 2.25 and 2.00, respectively.

The receptacle and the switch require the space of 2.25 and 2.00, respectively.

Calculate the total cubic inches needed.

Four 12 AWG conductors require the volume of 4×

Four 14 AWG conductors require the volume of 4×

Two receptacles require the volume of 2×

Two switches require the volume of 2×

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