Principles of Economics 2e
Principles of Economics 2e
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781947172364
Author: Steven A. Greenlaw; David Shapiro
Publisher: OpenStax

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Chapter 23, Problem 20SCQ

The United States exports 14 % of GDP while Germany exports about 5 0 % of its GDP. Explain stat that means.

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The United States exports14%ofGDP while Germany exports about 50% of it sGDP.Explain wha ttha tmeans.
The table below shows the export and import values of automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and clothing in Country A and Country B. Country A Automobiles Exports ($Billions) Imports ($Billions) 20 40 Pharmaceuticals 30 30 40 Clothing Country B Exports ($Billions) Imports ($Billions) Automobiles 0 Pharmaceuticals 40 Clothing 45 The IIT share is zero for in Country A and for O pharmaceuticals; pharmaceuticals O clothing; pharmaceuticals O automobiles: pharmaceuticals Oclothing; automobiles 0 20 40 35 in Country B.
The following table presents the exports and imports of a country in three categories for the years 2005 and 2010. Categorie             Exports (millions $)                  Imports (millions in $)                               2000                  2010             2000                   2010 Agriculture          51,296                70,912           39,186                65,459 Manufacture       625,894              785,599         1,012,855           1,416,302 Minery                 13,479                34,711           135,367               332,500 Construct four matrices, one for each column of the table, whose dimension is 3 x 1. Use two of these matrices to determine matrix E, which will represent the trade balance for the year 2000 and matrix B, which will represent the trade balance for the year 2010. Apply the concepts of matrix algebra to determine the matrix E - F, which will compare both years. Apply the properties of the matrices to determine if the trade balance from…

Chapter 23 Solutions

Principles of Economics 2e

Ch. 23 - Using the national savings and Investment...Ch. 23 - If a country is running a government budget...Ch. 23 - What determines the size of a countrys trade...Ch. 23 - If domestic Investment increases, and there is no...Ch. 23 - Why does a recession cause a trade deficit to...Ch. 23 - Both the United States and global economies are...Ch. 23 - For each of the following, indicate which type of...Ch. 23 - How did large trade deficits hurt the East Asian...Ch. 23 - Describe a scenario in which a trade surplus...Ch. 23 - The United States exports 14 of GDP while Germany...Ch. 23 - Explain briefly whether each of the following...Ch. 23 - If imports exceed exports, is it a trade deficit...Ch. 23 - What is included in the current account balance?Ch. 23 - In recent decades, has the U.S. trade balance...Ch. 23 - Does a trade surplus mean an overall inflow of...Ch. 23 - What are the two main sides of the national...Ch. 23 - What are the main components of the national...Ch. 23 - When is a trade deficit likely to work out well...Ch. 23 - Does a trade surplus help to guarantee strong...Ch. 23 - What three factors will determine whether a nation...Ch. 23 - What is the difference between trade deficits and...Ch. 23 - Occasionally, a government official will argue...Ch. 23 - A government official announces a new policy. The...Ch. 23 - If a country is a big exporter, is it more exposed...Ch. 23 - If countries reduced trade barriers, would the...Ch. 23 - Is it better for your country to be an...Ch. 23 - Many think that the size of a trade deficit is due...Ch. 23 - If you observed a country with a rapidly growing...Ch. 23 - Occasionally, a government official will argue...Ch. 23 - What is more important, a countrys current account...Ch. 23 - Will nations that are more involved in foreign...Ch. 23 - Some economists warn that the persistent trade...Ch. 23 - In 2001, the United Kingdoms economy exported...Ch. 23 - Imagine that the U.S. economy finds itself in the...Ch. 23 - Table 23.7 provides some hypothetical data on...Ch. 23 - Imagine that the economy of Germany finds itself...
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Principles of Economics 2e
Author:Steven A. Greenlaw; David Shapiro