Biology (MindTap Course List)

11th Edition
Eldra Solomon + 3 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337392938

Biology (MindTap Course List)

11th Edition
Eldra Solomon + 3 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337392938


Chapter 26.5, Problem 1C
Textbook Problem

What character does the term rhizarian indicate about the forams and actinopods?

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Chapter 26 Solutions

Biology (MindTap Course List)
Ch. 26.4 - Contrast the two main groups of chromalveolates:...Ch. 26.4 - Distinguish among the alveolates: dinoflagellates,...Ch. 26.4 - Distinguish among the stramenopiles: water molds,...Ch. 26.4 - What are the two main groups of chromalveolates?...Ch. 26.4 - Why do some biologists think that the...Ch. 26.4 - Which water mold has influenced human history?...Ch. 26.4 - What is the ecological significance of the...Ch. 26.5 - Describe the forams and actinopods, and explain...Ch. 26.5 - What character does the term rhizarian indicate...Ch. 26.6 - Describe evidence supporting the hypothesis that...Ch. 26.6 - Why do many biologists classify red algae and...Ch. 26.7 - Briefly describe and compare the following...Ch. 26.7 - What features distinguish the amoebozoa from the...Ch. 26.7 - Which group of unikonts is structurally and...Ch. 26 - Test Your Understanding 1. Which of the following...Ch. 26 - Molecular evidence supports the view that all...Ch. 26 - Test Your Understanding 3. Forams (a) are...Ch. 26 - Test Your Understanding 4. Paramecium and other...Ch. 26 - Test Your Understanding 5. Parasitic alveolates...Ch. 26 - Test Your Understanding 6. Malaria (a) is...Ch. 26 - Test Your Understanding 7. Photosynthetic protists...Ch. 26 - Test Your Understanding 8. The pigments, energy...Ch. 26 - Kelps are _______________ with multicellular...Ch. 26 - Cellular slime molds (a) include Physarum and...Ch. 26 - Test Your Understanding Know and Comprehend 11....Ch. 26 - VISUALIZE Draw simple sketches of a Euglena and a...Ch. 26 - EVOLUTION LINK Why are the protists considered...Ch. 26 - INTERPRET DATA In the corresponding darkfield LM...Ch. 26 - SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND SOCIETY Use examples...

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