Precision Machining Technology (Mi...

2nd Edition
Peter J. Hoffman + 2 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285444543

Precision Machining Technology (Mi...

2nd Edition
Peter J. Hoffman + 2 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285444543


Chapter 3.1, Problem 4RQ
Textbook Problem

The line type used to show edges of an object that can be seen in a particular view is called a(n)______ or_______ line.

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Chapter 3 Solutions

Precision Machining Technology (MindTap Course List)
Ch. 3.1 - Briefly describe the difference between a...Ch. 3.1 - The relationship between sizes of mating parts is...Ch. 3.1 - What does GDT stand for?Ch. 3.1 - A plane used as a reference for dimensions is...Ch. 3.1 - A GDT symbol and the amount of tolerance are shown...Ch. 3.1 - What are the five categories of symbols used in...Ch. 3.1 - Briefly explain the benefit of a position...Ch. 3.2 - Define the term layout and briefly explain the...Ch. 3.2 - What is the purpose of layout fluid (dye)?Ch. 3.2 - Describe two safety precautions you should observe...Ch. 3.2 - Briefly define a scriber and its use.Ch. 3.2 - What two angles can be laid out with the...Ch. 3.2 - What two tasks can a divider be used to perform?Ch. 3.2 - What safety precautions should be observed when...Ch. 3.2 - What would the divider setting be to scribe a...Ch. 3.2 - What would the divider setting be to scribe an arc...Ch. 3.2 - What semi-precision layout tool is used to scribe...Ch. 3.2 - What tool can be used as a reference plane when...Ch. 3.2 - Briefly describe the use of a surface gage.Ch. 3.3 - What are three safety rules to observe when using...Ch. 3.3 - List three types of screwdriver tips.Ch. 3.3 - What is the advantage of using slip joint pliers?Ch. 3.3 - What is an advantage of using locking pliers?Ch. 3.3 - What are two uses for a ball peen hammer?Ch. 3.3 - What is the advantage of a soft face hammer?Ch. 3.3 - In what situation would a box-end wrench be chosen...Ch. 3.3 - List two precautions to observe when using...Ch. 3.3 - What is one method of preventing damage to work...Ch. 3.3 - List three safety precautions to be observed when...Ch. 3.3 - In which direction should hacksaw blade teeth...Ch. 3.3 - List two safety precautions that should be...Ch. 3.3 - Will a single-cut or a double-cut file remove...Ch. 3.3 - Will a single-cut or a double-cut file produce a...Ch. 3.3 - ___________ and _________ are two common filing...Ch. 3.3 - What tool is used to clean a file?Ch. 3.3 - What are the two forms of abrasives used in...Ch. 3.4 - Sawing machines can be divided into roughly four...Ch. 3.4 - The vertical band saw is particularly useful, as...Ch. 3.4 - The horizontal band saw is ideal for cutting...Ch. 3.4 - Cutting action on the power hacksaw is very...Ch. 3.4 - List three safety precautions to observe when...Ch. 3.4 - Briefly describe the process to prepare for...Ch. 3.4 - List three safety precautions to observe when...Ch. 3.4 - What type of band saw blade has HSS teeth welded...Ch. 3.4 - How many saw teeth should be engaged in the...Ch. 3.4 - Name the three different types of tooth patterns.Ch. 3.4 - What are the three types of tooth set and why is...Ch. 3.4 - The slot created in a workpiece by the saw blade...Ch. 3.4 - Explain how to use a push stick.Ch. 3.4 - Saws should be ____________ _____________ when a...Ch. 3.4 - Saw guides should be mounted ________ above the...Ch. 3.4 - Why must a band saw blade be annealed after...Ch. 3.4 - Why does a band saw blade need to be ground after...Ch. 3.4 - Clearance between the vertical band saw guides and...Ch. 3.4 - Band saw cutting speeds are given in _________.Ch. 3.5 - What is the main benefit of offhand abrasive...Ch. 3.5 - What type of metals should not be ground on a...Ch. 3.5 - Which wheel is finer, a 60 grit or a 36 grit?Ch. 3.5 - If a grinder runs at 3400 RPM and you have a wheel...Ch. 3.5 - How is a ring test performed?Ch. 3.5 - Why is it necessary to have blotters on both sides...Ch. 3.5 - The maximum distance that a spark breaker and tool...Ch. 3.5 - When should a grinding wheel be dressed?Ch. 3.5 - Where should you stand when using a grinder?Ch. 3.6 - Define drilling.Ch. 3.6 - What factors might determine when a hole must be...Ch. 3.6 - What are two reasons why a hole may need to be...Ch. 3.6 - Explain the purpose of a counterbore.Ch. 3.6 - What is the purpose of the pilot on a counterbore?Ch. 3.6 - What should be done as a drill nears the...Ch. 3.6 - Define thread as it relates to benchwork.Ch. 3.6 - Explain the major diameter of a thread.Ch. 3.6 - What is the TPI of a -20 thread?Ch. 3.6 - Name two types of tap wrenches.

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