Nutrition Through the Life Cycle (...

6th Edition
Judith E. Brown
ISBN: 9781305628007



Nutrition Through the Life Cycle (...

6th Edition
Judith E. Brown
ISBN: 9781305628007
Textbook Problem

____ Which of the following foods should women not consume during pregnancy?

  1. a. Fish
  2. b. Broccoli
  3. c. Raw sprouts
  4. d. Pasteurized juices

Summary Introduction

Introduction: A healthy dietary pattern during pregnancy can highly influence the course of the pregnancy. Therefore, it is essential for a mother to consume healthy food that is rich in nutrients, especially fibers.


Reason for the correct answer:

Option c. is given as “Raw sprouts”.

It is not safe for pregnant women to eat raw sprouts. Microorganisms can grow in raw sprouts as they provide ideal conditions for their growth. Therefore, consuming them can cause foodborne infections in a pregnant woman who is more susceptible to these diseases due to physiological changes in her body due to pregnancy. Hence, option c. is correct.

Reasons for incorrect answers:

Option a. is given as “Fish”.

Fish that is not raw, undercooked, or smoked have low mercury content. Also, fish are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, and zinc. Thus, they can be safely consumed during pregnancy...

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