Elementary Technical Mathematics

12th Edition
Dale Ewen
ISBN: 9781337630580



Elementary Technical Mathematics

12th Edition
Dale Ewen
ISBN: 9781337630580
Textbook Problem

Determine the accuracy of each measurement; that is, give the number of significant digits for each measurement:


To determine

To calculate: The number of significant digits for measurement 4400 Ω.


Given Information:

The provided measurement is 4400 Ω.

Formula used:

Rules to find the number of significant digits in a number,

1. Every non-zero digits in a measurement is significant.

2. Zeros between two significant digits are significant.

3. If a number has zero which is tagged by a bar above it then it represents a significant digit.

4. Trailing zeros after the significant digit and decimal are significant.

5. Trailing zeros in a whole number are not significant.

6. In the measurement of decimal number, zeros to the left which is less than one are not significant.


Consider the measurement, 4400 Ω

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P-2CRCh-4 P-3CRCh-4 P-4CRCh-4 P-5CRCh-4 P-6CRCh-4 P-7CRCh-4 P-8CRCh-4 P-9CRCh-4 P-10CRCh-4 P-11CRCh-4 P-12CRCh-4 P-13CRCh-4 P-14CRCh-4 P-15CRCh-4 P-16CRCh-4 P-17CRCh-4 P-18CRCh-4 P-19CRCh-4 P-20CRCh-4 P-21CRCh-4 P-22CRCh-4 P-23CRCh-4 P-24CRCh-4 P-25CRCh-4 P-26CRCh-4 P-27CRCh-4 P-28CRCh-4 P-29CRCh-4 P-30CRCh-4 P-31CRCh-4 P-32CRCh-4 P-33CRCh-4 P-34CR

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