Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
6th Edition
ISBN: 9781118771334
Author: Michael T. Goodrich
Publisher: WILEY

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Chapter 5, Problem 1R

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Recursive method to find the maximum element in array:

The recursive method to find the maximum element in array “A” of “n” elements is given below:

The findMax() method returns the maximum elements in array.

//Define the findMax() method

public static int findMax(int[] a, int n)


  //Check whether the "n" is equal to "1"

  if (n == 1)

  //Return the maximum element

  return a[0];

/*Call the max() method and recursively call findMax() method*/

return max(finMax(a, n - 1), a[n - 1]);


The max() method returns the maximum elements by comparing the array elements.

//Define the max() method

private static int max(int n1, int n2)


/*Check the "n1" is greater than "n2". If yes, return the maximum element. */

  return n1 > n2 ? n1 : n2;



In the above code,

  • Check whether the “n” element is equal to “1”. If yes,
    • It return the array of “a[0]”. That is, first element is a maximum element in given array “a”.
  • Call the max() method to compare the array elements by calling the findMax() method recursively to find and return the maximum array element.

Running time:

The running time of above code is given below:

According this code,

  • The basic operation is comparison. That is, comparing the array elements recursively to find the maximum element in array.
  • If there is no comparison. Then, the maximum array element is “a[0]” is “1”.
  • Compare array value until “n-1” by calling the findMax() method. Then,

  a(n) = n-1+1         =n

  • Then, the array value is “a[n]” is “n”.
  • Thus, it will recursively call the findMax() method to perform the “n” time of execution for “n” inputs. So, the usage space and time for this “n” array is O(n).

Therefore, the running time and space of maximum element in array is O(n).

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