Fundamentals of Physical Geography

2nd Edition
James Petersen
ISBN: 9781133606536



Fundamentals of Physical Geography

2nd Edition
James Petersen
ISBN: 9781133606536
Textbook Problem

Wind speeds are sometimes given in knots (nautical miles per hour) instead of statute miles per hour. A nautical mile (used mainly by sailors and pilots) equals 6,080 feet, slightly longer than a statute mile at 5,280 feet. Being longer than a statute mile, a knot is a little faster than one mile per hour. The conversion from miles per hour to knots is:

Knots = mph × 1.151

Using Table 6.2, convert the ranges of wind speeds for hurricane categories 1 through 5 from miles per hour to knots.


To determine

The values of wind speeds in knots for hurricane categories 1 to 5 given in miles per hour.


It is given in the question that 1knot=1.151mph.



Category 1

Speed in mph= 74 to 95

Speed in knots=(74×0.8689)knots to (95×0.8689)knots=64 to 83knots ­­

Category 2

Speed in mph= 96 to 110

Speed in knots=(96×0.8689)knots to (110×0.8689)knots=83.4 to 96knots

For approximation, the 83

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