Elementary Technical Mathematics

12th Edition
Dale Ewen
ISBN: 9781337630580



Elementary Technical Mathematics

12th Edition
Dale Ewen
ISBN: 9781337630580
Textbook Problem

Solve each equation and check:

3 x 2 = 5 x + 8

To determine

To calculate: The solution of the equation 3x2=5x+8 and also check the solution.


Given Information:

The provided equation is 3x2=5x+8.

Formula used:

Steps to solve an equation,

Step 1: To make the variable term in one side, add or subtract by one variable term in the both sides of the equation.

Step 2: To make the variable term be alone, remove the constant term from the side where the variable term is present by using add or subtract operation in the both sides of the equation.

Step 3: Solve the resultant equation.

Step 4: Check the solution by substitute root in the provided equation, if the left and right side value will be equal then the resultant root will be correct.


Consider the provided equation, 3x2=5x+8,

First make the variable term in one side, Subtract 5x in the both sides of the above equation,


Now, make the variable term be alone, add 2 in the both sides of the above equation,


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P-28RCh-6 P-29RCh-6 P-30RCh-6 P-31RCh-6 P-32RCh-6 P-33RCh-6 P-34RCh-6 P-1TCh-6 P-2TCh-6 P-3TCh-6 P-4TCh-6 P-5TCh-6 P-6TCh-6 P-7TCh-6 P-8TCh-6 P-9TCh-6 P-10TCh-6 P-11TCh-6 P-12TCh-6 P-13TCh-6 P-14TCh-6 P-15TCh-6 P-16TCh-6 P-17TCh-6 P-18TCh-6 P-19TCh-6 P-20TCh-6 P-1CRCh-6 P-2CRCh-6 P-3CRCh-6 P-4CRCh-6 P-5CRCh-6 P-6CRCh-6 P-7CRCh-6 P-8CRCh-6 P-9CRCh-6 P-10CRCh-6 P-11CRCh-6 P-12CRCh-6 P-13CRCh-6 P-14CRCh-6 P-15CRCh-6 P-16CRCh-6 P-17CRCh-6 P-18CRCh-6 P-19CRCh-6 P-20CRCh-6 P-21CRCh-6 P-22CRCh-6 P-23CRCh-6 P-24CRCh-6 P-25CRCh-6 P-26CRCh-6 P-27CRCh-6 P-28CRCh-6 P-29CRCh-6 P-30CR

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