Applied Statics and Strength of Materials (6th Edition)
Applied Statics and Strength of Materials (6th Edition)
6th Edition
ISBN: 9780133840544
Author: George F. Limbrunner, Craig D'Allaird, Leonard Spiegel
Publisher: PEARSON

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Chapter 9, Problem 9.56SP

The trolley of a small hoist is supported on a horizontal beam, as shown. The maximum mass to be lifted is 6000 kg. The tie-back is a round rod, 33 mm in diameter. The tensile stress in the tie-back is not to exceed 170 MPa. The maximum elongation allowed for the tie-back is 2.50 mm. Determine the maximum dimension L permitted.

Chapter 9, Problem 9.56SP, The trolley of a small hoist is supported on a horizontal beam, as shown. The maximum mass to be , example  1

Chapter 9, Problem 9.56SP, The trolley of a small hoist is supported on a horizontal beam, as shown. The maximum mass to be , example  2

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As shown, three steel wires, each 28 mm2 in area, are used to lift a mass M. Their unstretched lengths are 19.99 m, 19.98 m, and 20 m. If M= 1,182 kg. what stress exists in the MIDDLE wire? Use E=215 Gpa. Answer must be in MPa.
Calculate the smallest area of each cable if the stress is not to exceed 76 000 KPa in bronze and 118 MPa in steel if a homogeneous 778 000 g bar AB is supported at either end by a cable.
A solid aluminum shaft of 94 mm diameter fits concentrically in a hollow steel tube. Determine the minimum internal diameter in mm of the steel tube so that no contact pressure exist when the aluminum shaft carries an axial compressive load of 532 KN. Assume Poisson's ratio = 1/3 and a modulus of elasticity of the aluminum rod is 75 GPa. Use 4 decimal places.

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Applied Statics and Strength of Materials (6th Edition)

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