Accounting Principles - Standalone book - 12th Edition - by Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel, Donald E. Kieso - ISBN 9781118875056
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Accounting Principles - Standalone book
12th Edition
Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel, Donald E. Kieso
Publisher: WILEY
ISBN: 9781118875056

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Accounting Principles 12th Edition by Weygandt, Kimmel, and Kieso provides students with a clear introduction to fundamental accounting concepts. The Twelfth Edition helps students get the most out of their accounting course by making practice simple. Both in the print text and online in WileyPLUS with ORION new opportunities for self-guided practice allow students to check their knowledge of accounting concepts, skills, and problem solving techniques and receive personalized feedback at the question, learning objective, and course level. Newly streamlined learning objectives help students use their study time efficiently by creating a clear connections between the reading and video content, and the practice, homework, and assessments questions.

Weygandt, Accounting Principles is a best-selling program ideal for a two-semester Principles of Accounting sequence where students spend the majority of the time learning financial accounting concepts, and are introduced to the basic concepts of managerial accounting at the end of the sequence  With Accounting Principles students learn the accounting cycle from a sole proprietor perspective.

* WileyPLUS with ORION sold seperately from the text.

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Explanation: In the given case, Mr. S is uncertain about the applicability of historical cost...Explanation: Liabilities usually categorized into two parts that are current liabilities and...Explanation: Association of individuals: A partnership is not known by individual names of the...Explanation: Separate legal existence: A business which is detached from another business in terms...Explanation: The company provides return to its shareholders by paying a dividend which is out of...Explanation: Long-term liabilities are the liabilities of the company which can be converted into...Explanation: Corporations invest in securities to utilize the available funds and earn returns....Chapter 17, Problem 1QAnalysis of financial statements of the firm helps to frame policies and plans. Financial analysis...Explanation: The statement “managerial accounting is a field of accounting that provides economic...Explanation: The difference between cost accounting and a cost accounting system is explained as...Explanation: (a) Q Company Costing system used by Q Company would be process costing. Explanation: Q...Explanation: Different types of costs are incurred in the business some of them change as per the...Explanation: Budget represents the estimated values of specified accounts for future time periods....Explanation: (a) The use of appropriate budgets in order to systematize the operations of...Explanation: Standard costs are the costs which are estimated by a company to measure its own...Explanation: Management decision making process does not always adhere to a set pattern due to the...

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