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Basic Technical Mathematics 10th Edition

Basic Technical Mathematics - 10th Edition - by Allyn J. Washington - ISBN 9780133083507
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Basic Technical Mathematics
10th Edition
Allyn J. Washington
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780133083507

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Book Details

This tried-and-true text from Allyn Washington preserves the author's highly regarded approach to technical math, while enhancing the integration of technology. Appropriate for a two- or three-semester course, BASIC TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS shows how algebra and trigonometry are used on the job. It addresses a vast number of technologies including aeronautics, construction, energy, environmental, electronics, computer design, automotive, fire science and more! Known for its exceptional problem sets and applied material, the book offers practice exercises, writing exercises, word problems, and practice tests. This edition features more technical applications, over 1300 new exercises, additional graphing calculator screens and the innovative MyLab websites.