Becker's World of the Cell (9th Edition) - 9th Edition - by Jeff Hardin, Gregory Paul Bertoni - ISBN 9780321934925
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Becker's World of the Cell (9th Edition)
9th Edition
Jeff Hardin, Gregory Paul Bertoni
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321934925

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Explore the world of the cell. Widely praised for its strong biochemistry coverage and clear, easy-to-follow explanations and figures, Becker's World of the Cell provides a beautifully-illustrated, up-to-date introduction to cell biology concepts, processes, and applications. Informed by many years of classroom experience in the sophomore-level cell biology course, the dramatically-revised 9th Edition introduces molecular genetics concepts earlier in the text and includes more extensive coverage of key techniques in each chapter. Becker's World of the Cell provides accessible and authoritative descriptions of all major principles, as well as unique scientific insights into visualization and applications of cell and molecular biology.

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Aerobic respiration is a type of respiration that occurs in the presence of oxygen. It uses an...The first step by which energy is absorbed by a plant is by absorbing sunlight and converting it to...The major difference between the rough endoplasmic reticulum and the smooth endoplasmic reticulum is...The repeating structures present in the cytoskeleton can be visualized with the help of...Hand-over-hand mechanism of myosin V movement states that the trailing head would move past the...Linkage of cells together to form tissue is done with the help of adhesive junctions. The two main...Based on what you know about protein and DNA, why did Hershey and Chase pick 32P and 35S to label...The first step of PCR is to identify the DNA segment to be amplified. A single-stranded DNA primer...When a sequence of 5ʹ-ATA-3ʹ on template strand of DNA has been mutated to GTA, it will lead to the...The anticodons are to bind along with the codons for an amino acid to be inserted into the...The lac operon under normal conditions can be represented by the genotype I+P+O+Z+ where the Z...The addition of the ampicillin to the plates should occur below 65ºC. However, ampicillin has been...The role of the sodium-potassium pump is to maintain the sodium and potassium ion concentration in...In the liver cells, the capacity of the proteins (insulin hormone) to bind the liver cell receptors...In B-cell lymphoma, B-cells are known to express variations in their morphology as well as the...An offspring which is the identical copy of the parent is known as its clone. Asexual reproduction...The various cellular abnormalities which result in the development of the Burkitt’s lymphoma are as...

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